Hi!! I'm so glad you stopped by to visit my page!! Since you clicked on Meet Me, I'm pretty sure you would like to know a little bit about who I am or how my interest and love for photography began. I'm Excited to share my story with you!! I've always seen the beauty that existed around me, but I also wanted everyone to see what I could see through my eyes. Even when I was a little girl, not owning a camera, I would draw and paint the beauty and uniqueness of what was set before my eyes. Art has always been a Passion of mine! I love to Imagine! I love to draw a picture in my mind and Create it! When I got my first camera at 10yrs old, I was excited that I could instantly capture expressions and emotions that would tell a story within a snap! Wow!! Capturing those silly blooper moments, uncontrollable belly laughter's, tears of joy, butterfly moments that glow through the eyes of love, the emotion of excitement written all over that expectant mothers face, the instant love that shows when you feel the warmth and heartbeat as you cradle your newborn baby and even those crazy fun let your hair down moments, I'm feeling beautiful sexy moments and I could go on and on! Something that cannot be rewritten, but can be capture in a Instant to always be reminded of that Happy moment in your life. And The best part of This, Is NOW I can capture your moments to tell your very own story, bringing you the best unforgettable experience and photographs that will last for a lifetime!! Let me tell your Story!!