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I love to see couples in love! I intend to capture the very essence of your wedding day. I'm an imaginative photographer who loves creating imagery that speaks personally to you. To me capturing the moment is evoking emotion in every photograph and that you have the imagery to prove it.  Moments of loveWalking across the bridge on a slightly chilly night. He holds her tight to keep her warm and she blushes. These are the moments we cherish and want to always remember. A photo tells a story; your story.

Beautiful dayThe bride loves horses. It was an added location by me, her photographer. I wanted her day to be everything! It turned out magical! Creating magical moments! The bride loves horses, so me, her photographer called Happy Horse Farm to make it possible for her to take her wedding pictures here. 

Joy Their smiles are beautiful. The Groom is a wedding photographer, so it was very important that they hired a wedding photographer that would not blow out the sunset or have them in silhouette, so lighting knowledge was essential to their sunset wedding. 


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